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Advanced Menstrual Care Center PRAXIS Electronic Records

Dr. Tucker has over 30 years experience with electronic medical records (EMR).  He applied this experience to the evaluation of electronic records during the initial planning of EMR systems for Advanced Menstrual Care Center.  After a thorough and careful review of many different systems, Dr. Tucker selected the PRAXIS electronic medical record system.

Bloomtext HIPAA-Compliant Text and Video Conferencing

Communication is one of the most critical components of effective health care.  From the initial planning for Advanced Menstrual Care Center, Dr. Tucker appreciated the importance of making secure electronic communication tools available to patients by more than one method.  The wisdom of this prescient vision has always been available to patients of Advanced Menstrual Care Center, but its importance has never been as clearly demonstrated as during the COVID-19 pandemic.  The Bloomtext SMS (text) and video conferencing application is the tool used at Advanced Menstrual Care Center.

Center for Disease Control (CDC) COVID-19

The CDC is the branch of the US government responsible for monitoring, evaluating, and recommending interventions for the public health of its citizens.  This world-class organization has demonstrated its critical role in the health of the nation during the COVID-19 pandemic.

American College of Obstetrician and Gynecologists

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists is a national organization of board-certified physician specialists in ob/gyn and an organization that advocates for women's health nationally and internationally.  Their site has an extensive library of professionally reviewed patient education materials.

Office on Women's Health

The Office on Women's Health is a division of the US Department of Health and Human Services.

Medline Plus

Medline Plus is sponsored by the National Library of Medicine.


PubMed is a library of over 30 million citations with links to abstracts and full articles in the biologic and life sciences literature.

Women's Health at the Center for Disease Control (CDC)

A CDC site devoted to women's health.


  • Q:  Why is the practice named  "Advanced Menstrual Care Center"? 
  • A:  Dr. Steven W. Tucker, Medical Director, formed Advanced Menstrual Care Center to provide comprehensive GYN care for women.  During his prior 30 years experience providing women's care, he saw that ob/gyn generalists must provide care for pregnant as well as non-pregnant women.  Dr. Tucker appreciated that focusing on the GYN, non-pregnant woman permits improvement in focus and service.  

  • Q:  Does Advanced Menstrual Care Center perform routine annual women's evaluations and Pap smears?
  • A:  Dr. Steven W. Tucker, Medical Director, is a board-certified ob/gyn physician with over 35 years experience helping women with their healthcare needs.  He does provide complete women's care including annual exams and Pap smears.  Nowhere was this focus and service more important that addressing the needs of women who have problems with menstrual bleeding and pain disorders.  The name "Advanced Menstrual Care Center" reflects both this focus on service to the non-pregnant GYN woman as well as those who have menstrual bleeding and pain disorders.

  • Q:  Does Advanced Menstrual Care Center provide contraception care?
  •  A:  Advanced Menstrual Care Center provides a complete range of contraceptive options to its patients including: hormonal contraception (birth control pills, birth control patches, etc), Depot Provera injections, intrauterine contraception, as well as Nexplanon. 

  • Q:  Are menopause services offered at Advanced Menstrual Care Center?
  • A:  Comprehensive menopause care is offered at the Advanced Menstrual Care Center.  Services include screenings for breast, uterine and ovarian cancer, in-office ultrasound examination, and in-office hysteroscopy.