Before Your First Visit

Your Medical History: The First Step in Good Care

  • Your first visit to Advanced Menstrual Care Center is very important to your care.
  • The information you provide at your first visit is the basis for all your future care.
  • Dr. Tucker believes your cooperation in being thorough and complete is important to your care.
  • The medical history you provide is the most important factor in establishing a proper diagnosis and determining the best treatment.
  • Please complete the history form before your visit.  Patients who complete their history in the office typically take 30 to 40 minutes to do so.
  • Please accurately list all allergies and reactions, whether medications, drugs, food or other allergies.
  • Bring the bottles to all medications and supplements you are taking.  Doing so avoids confusion about sound-alike drugs, dosage and medication frequency.
  • Please list all present doctors including address as well as phone and fax numbers.
  • Please list all prior ob/gyn doctors including address as well as phone and fax numbers.
  • If you have had surgery or other procedures, please get the facility name and address and date of the procedure.

Working Together for Your Health

  • Medical relationships are among the most important to our health and wellness.  
  • And thoroughness, completeness and accuracy are essential to our medical relationships.
  • At Advanced Menstrual Care Center, first visits are typically 60 to 90 minutes as our team works to be as thorough, complete and accurate as possible.
  • Each patient must also be thorough, complete and accurate.

Office Forms

The below forms can be downloaded and printed.  Please complete the forms before your first visit.  It is important to be thorough and accurate.   

The nurse and Dr. Tucker will review the completed forms with you during your initial visit to Advanced Menstrual Care Center.

The forms are detailed because they reflect our mission to be as complete and thorough as possible when caring for you!

The information on the forms are protected by Federal law.  

Our medical records system is electronic and HIPAA-compliant.  All paper copies are scanned into your electronic records then shredded.