office nitrous oxide with the nitrouseal system

Relief of Pain & Anxiety

Dr. Tucker has always sought for ways to make his patients comfortable with office exams and procedures.  Too often Dr Tucker has seen patients who delayed or completely avoided necessary tests because of anxiety and fear of pain.  Dr. Tucker often tells his patients "No one leaves angry and no one leaves crying."  It's a saying that expresses his commitment to care for patients with a proactive approach to relieving pain and anxiety.  As Medical Director of Advanced Menstrual Care Center, Dr. Tucker is excited to have introduced on of the most effective medical tools available to the medical relief of pain and anxiety for office procedures, nitrous oxide!  To coin an old phrase, "It's an oldy but goody."  Nitrous oxide has been used medically since 1772!

Nitrous oxide is a colorless and odorless gas that safely and effectively relieves both pain and anxiety during office procedures.   Most people are familiar with the use of "laughing gas" in the dental office.  However, this safe method of pain relief is only recently being introduced into medical practices.  Nitrous oxide is now being used in pediatric ERs, and has been used for relief of pain for women in labor for decades.   Advanced Menstrual Care Center is one of the few Gyn practices nationwide providing nitrous oxide for relief of pain and anxiety.

Nitrous oxide has a remarkable safety record with  studies showing millions of patient encounters without any serious adverse events .  As Medical Director, Dr. Tucker chose to offer patients at Advanced Menstrual Care Center the unique combination of safety and relief of pain and anxiety during office procedures such as pelvic examinations, hysteroscopy, IUD insertion and removal, Nexplanon insertion and removal and many others.   During all these procedures, the patient remains awake and aware of her surroundings.  Also, at Advanced Menstrual Care Center, most procedures can be viewed by the patient using our video monitors while receiving nitrous oxide.

When receiving nitrous oxide for the relief of pain and anxiety, the patient is in charge.  The patient holds the  mask while receiving the laughing gas.  If she desires, she can increase the amount of nitrous oxide she receives for more effective pain and anxiety relief. 

When the procedure is completed, the patient takes a few deep breaths of pure oxygen and is able to immediately drive herself home without residual sedation or drowsiness!

Learn More

  • Pregnant women safely use nitrous oxide for pain relief in labor.
  • ERs safely use nitrous oxide for making children more comfortable.
  • Now these same benefits are available to patients at Advanced Menstrual Care Center for any procedure or exam for the relief of pain and anxiety.